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Summer’s arrival means one thing: exotic vacations. Whether your travel bug leads you to the piercing blue waters of Greece or to the rolling hills of Wales, the warmer weather awakens the wanderlust in us all. We’ve joined forces with Salvatore Ferragamo to scour the globe for 10 breathtaking locations to add to your bucket list, and the perfect sunglasses to debut in each city. It’s time to get those passports ready for some stamps worth bragging about.

Ferragamo Positano

This serene village perched between the mountains and the sea along the Amalfi Coast is one of the most coveted treasures of Italy. Celebrated for its breathtaking sunsets and signature Limoncello liqueur, this picturesque town is nothing short of idyllic.
WHAT TO WEAR: Vintage-inspired cat-eye frames with two-toned bursts of sunset orange and yellow.

Ferragamo Majorca

Located off the coast of its Spanish motherland within the Balearic Islands, the Mediterranean isle of Majorca houses some of the most celebrated beach resorts and sheltered caves in the world, as well as being the vacation destination for the Spanish royal family.
WHAT TO WEAR: Acetate sunglasses with a chic, hexagonal frame and metal wiring.

Ferragamo Florence

Bathe in the Tuscan sun in the birthplace of the Renaissance. Home to Salvatore Ferragamo, Florence is a destination for the fashion forward, as well as those looking to indulge in one of the greatest wine-making regions in the world.
WHAT TO WEAR: Mix modern and exotic materials with these two-toned sunglasses featuring surprising gold elements.

Ferragamo Ainhoa

Forgo the touristy temptations of Paris and head south to discover one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Classified among “the most beautiful villages of France,”Ainhoa boasts beautiful Basque-style houses, sweeping landscapes and impressive local cuisine.
WHAT TO WEAR: Bordeaux-colored square frames with color-contrasting layers.

Ferragamo Vienna

This Austrian capital known for its imperial palaces is widely regarded as the “City of Music” and has some of the most artistic and intellectual history, thanks to former residents such as Mozart and Beethoven. The city’s Baroque-style architecture and countless lush gardens make this destination a European dream.
WHAT TO WEAR: Specially constructed acetate sunglasses with plexiglass and metal finishing.

Ferragamo Santorini

The whitewashed backdrop of this Grecian island is set upon sapphire blue waters, making it one of the world’s most beautiful vacation destinations. The beaches are lined with black, red and white lava pebbles which set the stage for a truly exhilarating experience.
WHAT TO WEAR: Oversized acetate sunglasses with tortoise shell frames and a color-contrasted interior.

Ferragamo Venice

It can be argued that Venice is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. This northernmost “City of Water” composed of 117 islands is renowned for its historic architecture and enchanting gondola rides.
WHAT TO WEAR: Black vintage-inspired oval frames.

Ferragamo Wales

Escape to the mountainous region of Wales within the United Kingdom for greenery as far as the eye can see. From the rugged coastline to the spectacular views atop a Celtic castle, this is an English countryside getaway of a lifetime.
WHAT TO WEAR: A classic aviator frame in shiny gold with aubergine detail.

Ferragamo Malta

Lying serenely in the Mediterranean Sea between the northern coast of Africa and Italy is the medieval country of Malta. With spectacular turquoise beaches and some of the oldest freestanding structures in the world, Malta has earned a spot on our bucket list.
WHAT TO WEAR: Stay cool with a pair of clear plastic sunglasses with a silver-wired frame.

Ferragamo Dubrovnik

As one of the southernmost beaches of Croatia, the Renaissance- influenced town of Dubrovnik is a sight that’s not to be missed. The country boasts long coastlines stretched across the Adriatic Sea encompassing more than 1,000 islands, and the sandy shores of this old-town, Mediterranean escape are cinematic.
WHAT TO WEAR: Round oversized frames with sleek gold wire detailing.