People Like Us
Credit: Everett (2); Courtesy Photo

People Like Us hits theaters tonight! Starring Chris Pine as a down-on-his-luck businessman and Elizabeth Banks as the sister he just found out he has, the feel-good film not only boasts touching performances but costumes by Mary Zophres that clue you in to the characters from the start. “[My character, Frankie] wears a lot of body armor, if you will,” Banks told at the film’s New York screening. “She’s a very impenetrable person—she’s tough.” That meant a lot of black, leather, and boots for the actress, not to mention an extra dose of eyeliner. As for Pine, who reunited with Zophres after working with the designer on Smokin’ Aces, “I wanted to make sure that you got the sense that my character wasn’t all that well put-together and that he didn’t have all that many clothes, because he was broke and in debt. I wanted him to have that secondhand look.” Transformations complete!

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