Easter egg no. 93,543? 

By Isabel Jones
Updated Jun 18, 2019 @ 1:45 pm

As Taylor Swift’s personal Pride parade rages on, fans and critics alike have found countless details to analyze in her cameo-heavy “You Need to Calm Down” music video.

The LGBTQ anthem is rife with Easter Eggs, and includes references to iconic films in queer culture as well as a literal (or, uh, physical?) end to her legendary “beef” with Katy Perry. But the biggest hidden message of all is perhaps the least explicit.

Viewers noticed that the pattern of Swift’s rainbow hair in the middle of the video matches the magenta, purple, and royal blue color scheme of the bisexual pride flag and immediately questioned whether the stylistic choice was meant to allude to her own bisexuality. I mean, if anyone were to come out using something as subtle as a hair change, it would be Taylor.

Whether or not Swift’s ombré locks hint at something greater, there’s no doubt that the singer has succeeded in giving us something to talk about.