#FreeLorde is trending on Twitter. 

Despite being mega-famous, Lorde manages to keep a low-profile, steering clear of the spotlight more so than any of her other celebrity peers. But all of that changed on Tuesday morning when the hashtag #FreeLorde began trending on Twitter.

So, what's the hoopla about? Well, it all began with an article published by New Zealand's Newshub, which stated that the country's National Party might implement a new policy that will penalize parents of children who drop out of school with a $3,000 fee.

Credit: Lester Cohen/Getty

The publication called out Lorde and some other local stars who left school early, noting that the New Zealand native attended Takapuna Grammar School from 2010 to 2013, but didn't return the following year to complete her final grade.

The singer's stans saw this as the perfect opportunity to troll everyone on social media, claiming their favorite musician was facing jail time for refusing to pay the $3,000 fine. And that's how #FreeLorde was born — a catchy hashtag to spread awareness and save the pop star from going to prison.

While there's no truth to the story, and fans likely just wanted to speed up the release of the songstress's next album, some funny #FreeLorde memes were created in the process. Enjoy!