Penelope Cruz Gets in the Mood, Plus Miley Cyrus's Newest Accessory

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Photo: Dennis Brack/Pool/Sipa; Courtesy of Chanel; Courtesy of Interview; Courtesy of Essie; Courtesy of

LUNCHTIME LINKS!1. Ho, Ho, Ho! The President and his family spread holiday cheer at the White House. []

2. According to a recent poll, Chanel No. 5 is the most seductive scent—spray and date away! []

3. Lily Allen wants to give up music completely to focus on fashion! []

4. How did Penelope Cruz get in the mood for her sexy dance scenes in Nine? The answer will shock you! []

5. Check out Fashionair's latest Chic Fix episode for more stylish gift ideas! []

6. Miley Cyrus gets inked—and her tattoo of choice is a smart reminder! []

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