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Peloton Backlash

Peloton Bike's new ad is only 30 seconds long, but for some people, that was more than enough.

Over the last week, the stationary bike company's holiday ad has made the rounds, sparking confusion among viewers. In it, a man gives his partner a Peloton exercise bike for the holidays, and she, in turn, begins obsessively documenting her journey on the bike over the course of a year, Instagram stories and all.

The ad, released Nov. 21, has steadily been making its way through people's TV screens and Twitter feeds, and as such, has garnered some, uh, interesting commentary. Some people, for example, were just confused about the concept of the ad.

Others felt that buying your partner an exercise bike could be construed as offensive.

And some felt like the payoff for the person buying a Peloton wasn't nearly good enough.

No matter how you feel about the ad, by the end of it, your life, just like the biking woman, has probably been changed at least a little.