A Peek Inside Real Womens' Closets

A Peek Inside Real Womens' Closets
Photo: Courtesy of My Madewell

J. Crew's little sister label Madewell understands that stylish women rarely wear one designer head-to-toe and, better yet, they don't want you too! To get your creative juices flowing, they are introducing a new section to their site, My Madewell, where real women mix Madewell with their own favorite pieces for completely personal looks. Besides attainable outfit inspiration, My Madewell offers styling tips and a glimpse into the iPods, bookshelves and passports of the chosen style setters. It's sorta like peeking in your best friend's closet for new ideas, except now you have more closets to raid.

Get inspired now—visit madewell1937.com.

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