Paws Up! Get Perfect Holiday Snaps of Your Pets With The Pose a Pet App

Benny and Rico - adorable chihuahuas
Photo: Jennifer Velez

No matter how well behaved your anipal is, getting a beautiful, holiday-card-worthy family portrait is always a challenge. That is, if you haven't downloaded the Pose a Pet app!

The app is equal parts brilliant and why-didn't-I-think-of-that? simple. Developed by experienced pet photographer Jennifer Whaley of Fetch Portraits, the app uses her no-fail method for coaxing an adorable pose from thousands of past clients: silly noises.

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Here's how it works: Ready your camera and your four-legged subject, then click on one of several squeaks, quacks, or meows that will pique your pup's curiosity long enough for them to stare directly into the camera lens and snap that adorable baroo. That's it! No more blurry balls of fur. You'll instantly have your pup's rapt attention, every time.

Pipa - adorable Golden Retriever
Sarah Walter

We tested Pose a Pet out on our own pooches and kitties and were thrilled with the results! Assistant Beauty Editor Jennifer Velez got the attention of both of her chihuahuas' (Benny and Rico, pictured at top) instantly. Beauty Intern Sarah Walter's pup Pippa, a rambunctious two-year-old golden, posed perfectly on the first click (pictured above). Producer Katie Donbavand put Pose a Pet to the test: using it on a distractions-loaded walk with her Pomeranian Piper (pictured below). See the results for yourself: insta-cute overload!

Piper - adorable Pomeranian
Katie Donbavand

There's more. Pose a Pet has a deeper mission than helping you create adorable Instagrams. The Pose a Pet team hopes the app will be used to help more shelter animals find homes. Creator Jennifer Whaley, who has personally photographed over 2,500 rescue animals, knows how important a great photo is to a possible adoption. With so many families searching for adoptable cats and dogs online, a cute photo can mean the difference between a new family and another night in a shelter. With that in mind, the Pose a Pet app allows users to instantly create "Help Me Find a Home!" fliers and share them on social media. Whaley hopes Pose a Pet users will volunteer at their local shelters and use the app to help spread the love.

Pose a Pet is available for download for Android and iPhones on iTunes and Google Play.

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