Self-Tanning Concentrate - Lead
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Ever slather on a layer of lotion only to realize you probably should have picked up the self-tanner instead? We feel your pain. Thanks to a miracle product we're dubbing liquid gold—or bronze, if you want to get technical—you can transform any lotion already in your arsenal into a natural, scent-free sunless tanner. The Sun 365 Self-Tanning Concentrate by Paula's Choice ($13; can take your skin from see-through to sun-kissed, but unlike body bronzers, the potent mix of DHA won't wash off in the shower. Though self-tanner from concentrate may sound slightly more intimidating than mixing that can of frozen orange juice in your freezer, the process is actually just as easy. Simply pick up the lotion of your choice, and add one pump of the bronze liquid to impart a slight glow. You can build up the intensity pump by pump from there, and if you happen to go a little overboard, you can add more lotion to dilute the formula. Once you're reached your desired finish, slather the mixture on as normal, and double-check those hard-to-reach areas to ensure no zebra-esque stripes will be exposed. The concentrate is gentle enough to mix with your face moisturizer if you want to give your complexion a bronzy finish, though we recommend doing so at night to give you extra time to experiment with the formula.