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Paul Rudd may be taking on his first superhero role this weekend in Ant-Man, but he’s just as good at saving the world off-screen. Even without his Ant suit, the actor has thrown himself into his philanthropic work, teaming up with charities and organizations such as the Stuttering Association for the Young, the American Cancer Society, and Children’s Mercy Hospital. These seven moments pretty much prove that the actor is a good guy you want to root for.

1. When he helped organize an annual celebrity charity weekend for Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospital.
Alongside fellow Kansas natives and actors Rob Riggle and Jason Sudeikis, Paul Rudd organized a poker tournament to benefit Children’s Mercy Hospital in 2010. The idea turned an annual event complete with sports games, auctions, and more. So far, the yearly events have raised millions of dollars for the cancer wing of Kansas City’s children’s hospital.

2. When he played the Wheel of Rudd.
For Comedy Central’s 2015 Night of Too Many Stars, celebrities got together to raise money for New York Collaborates for Autism—and Rudd really put himself out there. Audience members spun the “Wheel of Rudd” to determine what they could do to the actor. The ultimate highlight? One lucky attendee got to feed Rudd baby bird-style.

3. When he hosted a night to fight global inequality.
In 2011, Rudd teamed up with Bill and Chelsea Clinton to host the Clinton Foundation’s Millennium Network Event, which supported the foundation’s programs to fight poverty, strengthen education programs, and improve world health.

4. When he held a bowling benefit to support kids who stutter.
After playing a character with a stutter in the 2006 play Three Days of Rain, Rudd stumbled upon Our Time, a non-profit that's been renamed the Stuttering Association for the Young. He became a trustee of the organization in 2012 and sponsored a sold-out bowling benefit to show his support. “It’s impossible not to be knocked out by their courage and exuberance and just how cool they are," Rudd says of the children in the below video.

5. When he auctioned off a lunch with himself to support female filmmakers.
In 2011, Rudd offered up a chance to join him for lunch to support the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, an organization that gives grants, stipends, and scholarships to women in film.

6. When he raised money to help dogs find loving homes.
Rudd likes little critters, too. For the 2011 Mozilla Firefox Challenge, the actor raised over $20,000 to help the Rolling Dog Farm in New Hampshire, a rescue shelter that takes in animals suffering from disabilities and disorders that may otherwise prevent them from getting adopted.

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7. When he asked for donations to the American Cancer Society for his birthday.
For his 42nd birthday in 2011, Rudd asked fans to make donations to the American Cancer Society in memory of his father, who died of cancer. He even set up a CrowdRise page so that people could easily donate to the organization, which collects funds to benefit cancer research, education, and treatment.