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Between a bromantic beer pong tournament guest-starring Shonda Rhimes and a Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) scheme almost gone wrong, last night’s episode of The Mindy Project, titled “The Devil Wears Lands' End,” was one of the funniest to date.

After getting off on the wrong foot with their hospital's tough new lead obstetrician, Dr. Jean Fishman (Niecy Nash), Mindy has to make amends or else the entire practice will be forced to do their surgeries during the graveyard shift. To do so, she sets out to make Jean learn to love her, and as usual, step one in her master plan is to wear a great outfit.

“For the scene, we wanted to show their contrasting personalities,” costume designer Salvador Perez tells “We wanted to make her look as girly as possible for their first meeting, so when later in the show Danny tells her to dress down it’s noticeable.” To achieve this, Perez dressed Mindy in a Halebob bejeweled sweater, a metallic floral Kate Spade skirt, and a hot pink blazer he designed himself. “We couldn’t find a blazer bright enough, so I made it,” he explains.

Her outfit seems to work, as she is able to successfully convince Jean to hang out with her. All goes well, until the end of their time together, when Jean assumes that Mindy has more than friendly feelings for her and goes in for a kiss. Mindy lets her think that she's a lesbian, but when Danny (Chris Messina) finds out the next day, he convinces Mindy that she has to set the record straight.

To confront Jean, Perez steered away from her typical bright feminine colors in favor of more neutral hues (above). “She was supposed to dress less girly, but [Mindy] still wanted to look cute, so we found the most fabulous fitted flannel shirt from Urban Outfitters.” As you can imagine, the discussion does not go very well, and Mindy concocts another wild plan to fix things. She tells Jean that Danny is so upset that they kissed that he's trying to kill himself. Appalled, she decides to come over to help Mindy.

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Outfitted in one of the six printed lamb sweaters Perez got from ModCloth (above), Mindy survives the encounter, but is unable to avoid having red wine thrown in her face by Danny. "I think Chris Messina almost had a little too much fun splashing Mindy in the face," jokes Perez.We’ll be chatting with Perez every week about our favorite looks from The Mindy Project, so be sure to check back in next week!

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