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Patrick Swayze
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Happy birthday to Patrick Swayze! The all-American dancer turned actor would have been 64 today. Countless times, Swayze, who passed away in 2009 after battling pancreatic cancer, stole our hearts with his on-screen love affairs and unreal dance skills during his lauded career. In honor of Swayze's birthday, his shimmy-shake dance moves, and unfair ability to make our hearts melt, we rounded up the star's most memorable moments that made us fall head-over-heels.

1. When he tried to "out-Chippendale" Chris Farley on SNL.
Swayze showed off sillier side when he performed alongside Farley in this SNL skit, in which the pair are neck and neck during an audition to be Chippendales dancers. No offense to the ever-hilarious Farley, but something tells us Swayze would have won this round:

2. When Swayze as Johnny Castle tries to teach Jennifer Grey's "Baby" how to execute the signature Dirty Dancing lift move in a lake
That whole movie is filled with fall-in-love moments—like this scene in which the pair ultimately end up giggling and canoodling in the water, of course:

3. When he returned for his final dance with "Baby" in Dirty Dancing.
If you're a Swayze fan, you've watched this movie more times than you'd like to admit—probably for this very scene! And, when you aren't busy YouTubing it, there's always the classic "Time of My Life" anthem that's great for singing in the shower, the car, or ... wherever:

4. When he made pottery with Demi Moore in that iconic Ghost scene.
Flashback to 1990 when the romantic drama starring the pair featured this steamy scene involving some major, um, pottery making. Just watch:

5. When Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi, made us weep at how perfect (and talented) they were.

He and his actress wife first met when Niemi was a student at Swayze's mother's dance studio. The pair married on June 12, 1975, and stayed together until Swayze's passing. Watch their breathtaking dance performance at the World Music Awards in 1994:

6. When Swayze made us believe in love again with his wedding vows to his wife.

'Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights' Premiere - Red Carpet
Credit: J. Vespa/WireImage

Shortly after Swayze's passing, his memoir, The Time of My Life, was released. In it were the words Swayze said to Niemi during their wedding and when the couple renewed their vows in 2008, just prior to the actor's death. In case you needed any more reason to get sentimental: