The Escape at Dannemora star *always* makes a splash on stage. 

By Isabel Jones
Jan 27, 2019 @ 9:30 pm

When it comes to acceptance speeches (and she makes a lot of them), Patricia Arquette is always something of a wild card. Whether she’s advocating for equal pay or dropping an F-bomb or two, no one is ever quite sure what the actress is about to serve up onstage, but one thing is for certain: people will be talking about it tomorrow.

The Escape at Dannemora star’s SAG Awards acceptance speech was no exception. She began by advising her fellow actors to make sure they’re getting the overtime pay they deserve, and concluded with a thank you to, uh, Robert Mueller … ?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Mueller, who’s been investigating President Donald Trump since 2017, got a shout out on behalf of “everyone working to make sure we have sovereignty for the United States.”

As expected, Twitter lost its collective mind at Arquette’s last-minute thank-you.

Thank you, Patricia, for always keeping us on our toes.