This Pat McGrath Teaser Will Put You Into a Golden Trance

If you have to operate heavy machinery tonight, look away. The video we're about to show you will put you into a deep, mystical trance, and you'll hardly be able to emerge from a glitter-drenched daze. In other words, Pat McGrath Labs has teased a new product.

On Friday, the superstar makeup artist posted a mesmerizing video by Esteban Diacono. With a two-word caption that spoke volumes: "COMING SOON," the teaser showcases a sinuous figure gliding around a white canvas, leaving puddles of golden and purple glimmer in her wake. It's like a fever dream about meeting Jackson Pollock in the powder room our dreams.

Pat's fans seemed to have the same reaction of wonderment, with one even writing: "Yassssss Liquid Jesus!" So, what's the product, and when is it launching? Guys, we're busy watching the purple-shimmer-disco queen. Can't help you there. (But we're guessing it's some kind of amazingly luminous highlighter which, when applied, will gave us a David-Bowie-style glow. That's got to be it—right?)

In the meantime, just keep enjoying the world's most beautifully packaged matte lipstick, and keep your eyes peeled on the makeup goddess's IG feed.

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