By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Dec 14, 2015 @ 5:45 pm
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What do college applications and the beauty world have in common? Aside from the vast amounts of knowledge you'll gain extensively studying and researching topics in both, getting wait-listed for products and schools on the more competitive end of the spectrum happens more often than not. Famed makeup artist Pat McGrath, who could easily open up a beauty academy of her own, launched her very first color cosmetic product, Gold 001, back in September, and—no surprise here—it sold out almost immediately and ended up with a massive waiting list. "About 1,000 makeup artists received the product before it hit the market, and by the time I had raced to the web to buy one, it had already broken the Internet," says makeup artist and hairstylist Abraham Sprinkle. "Whether you wanted a liquid patina or a solid lamé, Gold 001 did it all. The biggest characteristic is its seamless metallic finish with a smooth texture, so unlike glitters and frosts that show an irregular texture, it mimics true foil anywhere on the face." Intent on getting that finish while waiting for his turn on the list, Sprinkle searched for similar options, and shared his findings with us so you can get that 24-karat effect in the meantime.

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"The product I found to be the closest clone was the Mehron Metallic Powder in Gold combined with the mixing medium ($13; The effect mimics the foil finish, but lacks a true yellow gold," he tells us. To create the reflective texture, take a small amount of the pigment and mix in a few drops of the medium until you reach your desired consistency. You can add more pigment to make the solution thicker and amp up the color as needed.

"The second is more of a sibling than a twin—from a distance it can be mistaken for 001," Sprinkle says of MAC's Studio Eye Gloss in Money Honey ($22; "It's extremely reflective, but leans a bit toward the glittery side." The pro also notes Palladio's Crushed Metallic Shadow in Parallax ($7; as a wallet-friendly favorite, and recommends playing with MAC's Pigment in Gold ($22; paired with a few drops of the mixing medium. "It's kind of a sister from another mister," he adds. "Still, Gold 001 is its own personality, and while I still cannot wait to get my hands on it, these simple hacks can help achieve a similar Midas touch."