Pastel Hair Is Having a Moment. Try Out the Trend with These Tips

Pastel Hair
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Pastels for spring? Groundbreaking... Though a pastel-toned ensemble becomes the norm come spring (shoutout to Rihanna), stars like Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, and most recently, Hilary Duff have started wearing the season's hottest color palette in their hair rather than their wardrobes.

Color chameleons Perry and Richie have tried out just about every tone of the ROYGBIV spectrum in the past and settled on lavender and pink for the time being, but Duff's shift in shade came as the most surprising to us, as flaxen blonde has long been her signature since her Lizzie McGuire days.

If the recent wave of pastel strands has you wanting to go for a bold new hue, start by taking your base color into consideration. Naturally-dark hair like Perry's and Richie's will require extensive bleaching for the technicolor effect to take place, so make sure to seek out a professional---preferably one who knows a thing or two about creative color---so you can get your desired results with minimal damage.

If you're starting with a lighter base like Duff's blonde, your transition will be much easier, and often times, a jar of Manic Panic ($10; or dollop of a color-depositing conditioner like Davines' ($29;, which shows as a pale rose, is all you need to join the trend. Keep in mind that you will need to refresh your hue often, as the color molecule in pastel dyes is larger, meaning it slides out of the hair follicle much easier, and is prone to fading. Commitment-phobes who don't want to deal with the potential damage and upkeep should reach for a wash-out alternative like Redken's Color Rebel Hair Makeup ($24; Pigmented enough to show up against darker strands, the product is equipped with a sponge-tipped applicator that allows you to place the color exactly where you want it, and unlike hair chalks, won't rub off on your clothes.

We also have a rainbow of day-glo celebrity styles in our Hollywood Makeover Tool, so you can preview how you'd look rocking the trend, sans glam squad or salon appointment. Simply upload your picture to start, then try on the many My Little Pony-esque styles to find one that flatters you. Then, upload your makeover to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to let your friends sound off on your new 'do. Click the link below to get started now!

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