By Sharon Clott Kanter
Updated Jul 16, 2013 @ 12:45 pm
Girl Most Likely Kristen Wiig
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage; Gregory Pace / BEImages

Kristen Wiig cozied up to her on-screen love interest Darren Criss at the New York premiere of their film Girl Most Likely, hosted by the Cinema Society and Brooks Brothers at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema. The two had little opportunity to chat on the red carpet, but had more time at the after-party at Hotel Americano, also attended by co-stars Matt Dillon and Padma Lakshmi (she has a walk-on role). In the film, Wiig plays Imogene, the just-dumped New Yorker on the verge of a nervous breakdown who is sent to live with her wacky, lovable, gambler of a mother (Annette Bening) in Ocean City, New Jersey after faking her own suicide. "There is something nice about going home and reconnecting with your family," Wiig (in Viktor & Rolf) said of the film's lesson. "I think a lot of people move away from their hometowns. It’s kind of nice to reconnect with it and make peace with it, I think." Wiig uses her humor to keep this movie flowing, but her mom's boyfriend (Dillon) and her mom's new casino star housemate (Criss) are the real scene-stealers. The film opens Friday, July 19. Click to see more from inside this week's biggest parties.