By Camryn Rabideau
Updated Jul 30, 2017 @ 11:15 am

Paris Jackson spent her weekend at a super zen retreat, and it appears clothing was optional. The 19-year-old model and actress relaxed, communed with nature, and posted a few topless pics along the way.

Jackson, the only daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson, has previously spoken out about how she's comfortable with nudity and thinks it's part of what makes us human. True to her word, she seemed perfectly at ease this weekend as she meditated sans shirt.

The young model posted various pictures from her getaway on Instagram, including several topless shots. In one, Jackson is kneeling inside a big tent, facing the wall, and in another, she's crouching in front of a statue of Buddha. There are also images of the desert-like area where she's been communing with nature.

While most of the 'grams from her weekend retreat are without caption (and have comments turned off), Jackson did write under one cute pic. In the post, she's climbing a huge tree branch—again, topless—and she captioned the image "bark to skin."

Not a bad way to unwind and de-stress, if you ask us!