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The private lives of Michael Jackson’s children were shrouded in mystery when the late pop icon was still alive—and for years after. But now, his three kids are slowly opening up about what life has been like for them.

Nineteen-year-old Paris Jackson is, of course, the most vocal, as a rising model who hits up New York Fashion Week and frequently updates her social media accounts. In December, we got a rare glimpse at 15-year-old Blanket Jackson (born Prince Michael Jackson II), who now goes by “Bigi.” And now, we’re getting to see how, exactly, Dad interacted with Paris and his first-born, 21-year-old Prince Jackson (born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.).

On Tuesday, Paris took to Instagram to wish her now-21-year-old big brother a happy birthday. In the video, a young Paris laughs and goofs off with her older bro. It's adorable, but what’s fascinating about the clip is that we can hear what sounds just like Michael Jackson’s voice. It asks them to dance—and sounds just like any other proud father would watching his kids grow up.

Paris’s message to Prince was sweet: “My dearest brother. I could fly to the moon and back a thousand times and the distance still wouldn’t amount to how much I adore you,” she wrote. But she also added fun bits of information that let us know just how "normal" their upbringing was.

Below, a sampling of the most interesting details based on her caption:

1. Paris and Prince used to wrestle and she sometimes beat him up.

2. They loved Hot Wheels and My Little Pony.

3. The siblings were huge Harry Potter fans and played with wands.

4. Water guns and the Crash Bandicoot video games also made the cut.

5. On Saturdays, they slept in, drank orange juice, and watched Transformers.

6. Prince used to share super entertaining bedtime stories.