There’s Way More to Paris Hilton’s Beauty Empire Than Just Fragrance

Paris Hilton Fragrance
Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty

Things you know about Paris Hilton: She convinced you to buy a Juicy Couture tracksuit, she was the star of your favorite reality TV show in 2003, and she’s a fragrance mastermind with 23 bottles created under her name. What you don’t know? Her beauty empire expands far beyond perfume. Like her former BFF Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton is the proud owner of a makeup collection, appropriately named Paris Hilton Cosmetics.

While we were aware of this fact (she actually even told us she’s launching skincare soon), Paris Hilton clearly wanted to send a reminder to the entire universe, so she posted a picture on Instagram. That’s how it’s done, right?

The picture features her leaning on a table filled with Paris Hilton Cosmetics products. "#GirlBoss," she captioned the photo, along with a tag to her brand’s Instagram page. So what kind of makeup does she have? From the pic, you can tell it’s a whole lot of palettes, but it also apparently consists of holographic lip glosses, marble eyeshadow, contour crayons, nail polish with diamond encrusted caps, false lashes, and more. Pretty big for a collection you forgot existed.

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If you do want to get your hands on some Paris Hilton highlighter, we have some bad news. It’s not the easiest to purchase—and not because it sells out in five seconds like a Kylie Lip Kit. Currently, the brand’s website directs you to a page that says “coming soon,” and there is no official retailer—only third party sites, which isn’t always the best decision with cosmetics products due to potential knockoffs and safety/sanitation concerns.

But perhaps Hilton is trying to tell us something is on the way, and that it’s going to get much easier for us to pick up her products. Instagram will surely fill us in.

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