Before you check for signs of amnesia, yes, it’s 2018—and yes, Paris Hilton just made yet another wave in the sea of Lindsay Lohan drama that has plagued the L.A. party scene since the early aughts.

2nd Annual Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party
Credit: Michael Caulfield Archive/Getty Images

If you’re a tad hazy on the details, Lindsay, 32, and Paris, 37, have been frenemies since at least 2006, when the hotel heiress was recorded laughing on her phone while her friend Brandon Davis went on a filthy, expletive-filled rant about Lohan in front of a crowd of paparazzi.

In the years since, Paris and Lindsay have exchanged the occasional jab, but little drama has arisen since 2013, when Hilton’s younger brother (falsely) accused Lohan of attacking him at Art Basel in Miami.

But that cold Lohan-Hilton war? It’s officially hot again.

Yesterday, a Paris Hilton nostalgia account posted a super-cut of three videos: the first of Lohan accusing Hilton of hitting her in the arm with a drink and pouring it on her the night before, the second of Lohan later denying it, telling the paparazzi “Paris is my friend. Everyone lies about everything. She's a nice person ... She never did that. She's a good girl," and the third of the Mean Girls star calling said “good girl” a “c—t.”

Hilton then upped the drama, adding a sly comment to the Instagram post: “#PathologicalLiar.”

Lindsay has yet to lob a retaliation—but perhaps she's just caught up in building her beach club empire?