Juicy Couture. It's a brand that reached peak popularity in the early 2000s, when celebrities like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and, perhaps most notably, Paris Hilton wore those multicolored two-piece velour jumpsuits like they were the only thing worth covering their body with. Exhibit A: Here's Paris in a baby blue iteration circa 2008:

Paris Hilton - Embed
Credit: PhotoNews International Inc./FilmMagic

Now, Juicy Couture is back and, boy, is it once again in the zeitgeist.

On Wednesday, recently appointed Creative Director Jamie Mizrahi debuted her spring 2018 collection. The collection included colorful garden party-appropriate dresses and separate crochet pieces, but we were most notably impressed by the arrival of one guest in particular: Paris Hilton (below, with model Brandi Howe).

Paris Hilton at Juicy Couture - Lead 
Credit: Albert Urso/Getty

The 36-year-old heiress and entrepreneur headed to Rockefeller Center in a new interpretation of the jumpsuit, this time showing up in a yellow hoodie and matching short shorts we can kind of see a trove of attendees wearing to Coachella next year. She paired the pieces with a studded choker, cat-eye sunglasses, and rounded-toe glittery pumps fit for Cinderella or Dorothy.

Her cutest accessory? Diamond Baby, her adorable pup, who has more Instagram followers we’d ever dream of.

Juicy’s back—and Hilton’s making it hot.