That's not a misspelling—Paris Hilton's signature platinum has just reached a happy middle ground between blonde and brunette. Though the change isn't super dramatic, it's definitely there.

This week at the Paper Magazine Runway Benefit for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, the star hit the red carpet in a darker hue, which was sort of throwing dynamic Gigi Hadid vibes our way. You know, blonde in some light settings, and brown in others. Later in the night, Hilton hit the runway in a pastel pink dress shaped like an oversized bow, complemented by a tiara, as you do.

Paris Hilton
Credit: Amy Graves/Getty Images

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Perhaps it's a baby-step over to the dark side. Over the summer, Hilton played with our emotions when she revealed a deep brunette shade, prompting us to think that signature heiress blonde was no more. It looked great, of course, but ended up being a one-day deal as her blonde layers were merely hiding under the wig. Her current look, while subtle, is definitely a departure from her usual flaxen tone, not to mention, a welcome change for the impending cooler climes.