Paris Hilton Claims She and Britney Spears Invented the Selfie, Twitter Disagrees

On Sunday morning, Paris Hilton made a bold statement, announcing to the Twittersphere that she and fellow early-aughts icon Britney Spears invented the selfie 11 years prior.

Obviously, she has the receipts:

Twitter, however, felt differently (very differently) and immediately provided evidence to refute the world-famous DJ's claim.

Among the contenders for the legitimate title of O.G. selfie inventor: Bill Nye, Thelma & Louise, Madonna, George Harrison, Frank Sinatra, Cosmo Kramer, and Vincent van Gogh.

While your first instinct might be to trust Paris Hilton’s word at all costs, Twitter does have a point. Perhaps the 36-year-old heiress was just living by the tenets of her latest Instagram-official mantra?

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