Claire Stern
Dec 14, 2015 @ 9:30 am

Streaming may have opened the floodgates for treasure troves of music, but sometimes sifting your way through thousands of songs across multiple genres can be exhausting—not to mention incredibly time-consuming. Thankfully, Pandora has heeded the call with Thumbprint Radio. The hyper-personalized station, which launched today, combines all the songs you've ever "thumbed up" (i.e. liked) on the platform into one playlist, which further evolves each time you thumb up a new song.


You may be thinking to yourself: Isn't this similar to a most played playlist? Not quite. Pandora's team of in-house musicologists seamlessly combine all of your favorites with an array of new artists they anticipate you'll love in order to create the dream sonic selection. And the more you thumb up or down, the better your station will be. Plus, it reveals the date you first thumbed up a song, serving up a great #TBT on the side.

To make your own Thumbprint Radio station, click here, or search "Thumbprint Radio" on Pandora's app (free; iTunes).

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