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Credit: Courtesy of Panache

The lingerie brand Panache seems to be thinking outside the box. Instead of designing bras in the usually available sizes, their range supports size D and up. They've also decided to use women who not only look great, but also those who do great things in their new digital campaign.

That's right, they're ditching typical supermodels and opting instead for super role models: People who are making a huge impact around the globe. Their goal is to shine a light on some of the women's incredible achievements and encourage change in the world. Find out all the details on the amazing ladies leading the Modeled by Role Models campaign below.

Marquita Pring

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Credit: Courtesy of Panache

Pring is a co-founder of ALDA, which is the Icelandic word for wave. It's a group of models that believes beauty goes beyond size and shape, and instead focuses on business backgrounds, personalities, and the influence of women.

Rachel Elliott

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Credit: Courtesy of Panache

Being a nurse at the Royal London Hospital isn't Elliott's only contribution. She also volunteered to work at an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone.

Amy Hughes

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Credit: Courtesy of Panache

Hughes is a sports therapist who advocates for healthy, active lifestyles. Hughes even broke a world record after running 53 marathons in 53 cities in 53 days, proving that she's not all talk.

Mica Paris

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Credit: Courtesy of Panache

This soul singer works as an ambassador for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and also heavily supports the "No Means No" campaign.

Hannah Cockroft

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Credit: Courtesy of Panache

After suffering two heart attacks during birth, Cockroft was left with leg and foot deformities. But the encouraging go-getter hasn't let this hurdle stop her: She is a successful wheelchair racer who holds several world records.

Martyna Kaczmarek

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Credit: Courtesy of Panache

Kaczmarek is dedicated to promoting blood, bone marrow and posthumous organ donations. She founded Poland's "Day for Life Campaign," which motivates others to help save thousands of lives.