Levi Miller Lead
Credit: Victor Chavez/WireImage

For Levi Miller, landing the role of Peter Pan was a dream come true. The 13-year-old Australian actor takes on the role of the boy who refused to grow up in Pan, a prequel to the classic tale that hits theaters Friday. But while his character wants to stay a kid forever, Miller is already enjoying his teenage years. “It’s been amazing to play a character that’s known by so many people,” he recently told InStyle when we got a sneak-peek at scenes from the movie. “Especially because everyone knows at least something about Peter Pan.”

Miller has been a longtime fan of the character—and it’s not the first time that he’s gotten dressed up to play the part. “When I was about six or seven, I did this character reenactment performance where I read a monologue from Peter Pan,” he said. “I got into a complete Peter Pan outfit and did a little paragraph from the script—and I ended up winning an award for it.”

Even though it seems like he’s been prepping for this role his whole life, heading to Neverland on the big screen was a game-changer for Miller. For starters, he got to perform alongside a handful of veteran actors, including Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara, and Garrett Hedlund. "It was brilliant working with them,” said Miller. “They were all so lovely—and it was just a pleasure.”

When he’s not portraying the boy that can fly onscreen, Miller still manages to keep himself busy. “I do rock climbing and tennis,” he said. “I’m also starting to learn guitar, which is something that I’ve really wanted to do.” Another title that Miller can add to his resume? Model. He made his runway debut walking in Ralph Lauren’s Children’s Fashion Show back in August, and he also starred in Polo Ralph Lauren’s fall/winter 2015 children’s wear campaign.

But don't count on Miller becoming a permanent fixture on the catwalk anytime soon. “I definitely have a strong connection with Ralph Lauren, because I’ve made so many friends there,” he said. “But I love being an actor—and I think that’s what I want to be.”

Pan hits theaters on Friday, October 9. Check out the trailer below.