By Rita Kokshanian
Updated Oct 15, 2014 @ 6:55 pm
Pamella Roland Bridal Collection
Credit: Courtesy

Although Pamella Roland’s fall 2015 bridal collection is her first one ever, the designer has been dressing brides for years. "We've been doing gowns for a while and we did have a lot of people say to us, 'Why aren't you doing wedding gowns?'" Roland tells InStyle at the presentation for her inaugural bridal collection. "Then my daughter got engaged and we just started looking for gowns and I was like, 'Let's do this.'"

The result is a sophisticated 11-piece collection that runs the gamut from a short dress with pearl and crystal beading inspired by Mia Farrow's wedding dress to a princess-like gown with long sleeves and a full skirt à la Kate Middleton. The collection also includes a few surprises, like a mid-thigh length dress disguised as a floor-length one with the help of a detachable lace overlay skirt and one frock in a stunning ice blue (above, left), because "women want a different color today," Roland says.

The seasoned designer's experience in what women want is evident throughout the collection, which really has a dress for everyone. "We wanted to make sure each one is very, very special," she notes. In addition to being inspired by her daughter's upcoming nuptials, Roland also drew inspiration from nature, namely the shapes found in natural ice crystals. Save for a single gown, every piece in the collection features crystal beading of some sort. Even the simplest column gown is elevated with geometric beading on the bodice (above, right).

When asked who the Pamella Roland bride is, the designer doesn't hesitate for a second: "She's sophisticated, she's a busy woman. She doesn't have time for anything too fussy," she says. But above all, she's confident. "She knows what she wants, because each one [of the dresses] is so individual that if you pick a certain dress here, you know what you want. Because they aren't typical dresses."