Pamela Anderson "Didn't Like" the Baywatch Movie

"$65 million doesn't make a great movie."

Pamela Anderson did not come to play — or, well, placate.

The actress and model made an appearance on Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, and she got candid about her feelings regarding the 2017 Baywatch movie (which she actually made a cameo in).

Nicole Eggert And Pamela Anderson Of 'Baywatch'
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For this episode, questions were proctored by a talking sunscreen bottle, aptly named “shady sunscreen.” The bottle in question got right to it, asking Anderson, who first appeared as a red swimsuit-clad lifeguard in the long-running Baywatch series back in 1992, what she thought about the movie remake. Without missing a beat, Anderson said, “I didn't like it.” Adding to her response, Anderson, a television purist, explained, "let's just keep the bad TV as bad TV. That's what's charming about Baywatch, you know? Trying to make these movies that are television is just messing with it.” She continued to twist the knife she’d just plunged into Zac Efron’s (incredibly muscular) back. “$65 million doesn't make a great movie,” she continued, (note: Box Office Mojo reports budget was $69 million) “we made our shows for, like, $500,000. We had the same explosions, same scenes in the water," she said. "That was the fun part — being creative."

Oh, and it gets better. Anderson, whose leaked sex tape with Tommy Lee is a touchstone of ‘90s pop culture, was then asked, “as the star of an iconic sex tape" if she had a favorite celebrity sex tape of her own. Anderson responded, "That was not a sex tape. It was a compilation of, you know, vacations we were naked on."

Get this woman a talk show, stat.

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