By Josephine Cusumano
Jul 16, 2013 @ 12:24 pm
Courtesy Photo

If you were one of the 509,175 consumers who submitted a claim after purchasing one of Skechers toner sneakers from 2008 to 2012, check your mailbox! On July 12th, Skechers USA sent out $40 million worth of refund checks to customers after settling with the Federal Trade Commission last year. The company had been charged with using false advertising to promote its Shape-Ups, Resistance Runner, Toners, and Tone-Up sneakers. The advertisements, which featured celebrities including Brooke Burke and Kim Kardashian, promised consumers they could get in shape just by walking. According to the FTC, Skechers made "unfounded claims that its Shape-ups shoes would help people lose weight, and strengthen and tone their buttocks, legs and abdominal muscles." If you submitted your claim before the April 18th deadline, expect your check soon -- you must cash it by October 10, 2013. Visit,, or call 866-325-4186 for more information.

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