From Wine o' Clock to Awesomesauce, See Which Words Were Just Added to Oxford Dictionaries

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Mic drop: The Oxford Dictionaries released a new update yesterday, and some awesomesauce words made the cut.

The quarterly refresh of the online resource, which is the branch of the Oxford English Dictionary that focuses on modern language, includes words and phrases that peaked in popularity this summer and are really a reflection of our current culture.

Are you a bruh who enjoys barbacoa from Chipotle during beer o' clock? Or are you a manic pixie dream girl who loves her furbaby and eats delicious desserts from a cupcakery? Either way, we bet you've embodied or said one of these words over the past few months. Scroll down to see a selection of words that were added, including definitions.

awesomesauce (adjective): extremely good; excellent

barbacoa (noun): (in Mexican cooking) beef, lamb, or other meat that has slowly been cooked with seasonings, typically shredded as a filling in tacos, burritos, etc.

beer o’clock and wine o' clock (noun): an appropriate time of day for starting to drink beer or wine

brain fart (noun): a temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly

bruh (noun): a male friend (often used as a form of address)

butthurt (adjective): overly or unjustifiably offended or resentful

cupcakery (noun): a bakery that specializes in cupcakes

fast-casual (adjective): denoting or relating to a type of high-quality self-service restaurant offering dishes that are prepared to order and more expensive than those available in a typical fast-food restaurant

fat-shame (verb): cause (someone judged to be fat or overweight) to feel humiliated by making mocking or critical comments about their size

fur baby (noun): a person’s dog, cat, or other furry pet animal

hangry (adjective): bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger

manic pixie dream girl (noun): (especially in film) a type of female character depicted as vivacious and appealingly quirky, whose main purpose within the narrative is to inspire a greater appreciation for life in a male protagonist

manspreading (noun): the practice whereby a man, especially one traveling on public transport, adopts a sitting position with his legs wide apart, in such a way as to encroach on an adjacent seat or seats

mic drop (noun): an instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one’s microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive

mkay (exclamation): non-standard spelling of OK, representing an informal pronunciation (typically used at the end of a statement to invite agreement, approval, or confirmation)

pocket dial (verb): inadvertently call (someone) on a mobile phone in one’s pocket, as a result of pressure being accidentally applied to a button or buttons on the phone

rando (noun): a person one does now know, especially one regarded as odd, suspicious, or engaging in socially inappropriate behaviour

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