Owen Wilson
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

On Tuesday, night Owen Wilson hosted the Elephants Forever Auction in partnership with Maclaren at Sotheby's in N.Y.C. The charity event united 25 of the world's best contemporary artists and raised over $1 million—with 100% of the proceeds going to not one, but two charities: Elephant Family and Space for Giants.

Wilson recognizes the rising loss of habitat for elephants, and he was excited to jump on board when he learned about the charitable foundations. The Zoolander star even shared with InStyle his love for the gentle giants, "Maybe it sounds corny, but there’s sort of a wisdom to elephants," explained Wilson. Not corny at all. A study reported by Time states that elephants are, "some of the most complex social groups outside of our own, and they are extremely intelligent." Wilson went on to add, "There’s just something majestic and dignified about elephants."

In addition to his own growing interest in saving the special creatures, Wilson is also passing down the importance of protecting the endangered species with his two sons, Robert Ford Wilson, 4, and Finn Lindqvist Wilson, 1. "I was actually working in Thailand and there was an elephant sanctuary there that we all were able to visit a couple of times and learn so much from." Wilson knows that education is a stepping stone to help stop the tragic decline in resources. To learn more, visit the Elephants Forever Auction website for additional information.