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Credit: zoolander/instagram

If your caffeinated drink of choice this morning is anorange mocha frappucino, prepare to wig out over this one. On Saturday in Rome, Zoolander 2 stars Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller brought the art of window shopping to unprecedented, ridiculously good looking levels.

Dressed as the hilarious Hansel and Derek Zoolander characters inside Valentino's Rome store, the acting duo rocked head-to-toe looks from the Italian fashion house that heightened their fashion insider appeal. Wilson sported a pair of khaki chinos with a tropical-print shirt, yellow cardigan, and winter-appropriate green beanie, while Stiller practiced his comedic chops in a green, butterfly-print suit.

Don’t think the actors simply stood around like lifeless mannequins. Inside the windows, the pair danced like robots and gyrated from side to side, eventually coming together to create an epic shot.

So where, exactly, did Wilson and Stiller—who each have previous runway experience—learn their Modeling 101? It looks like Stiller learned the ropes from campaign It girl Cara Delevingne, who took the star for a walk across Paris Saturday night.

And while the release of Zoolander 2 is less than two weeks away, it seems that Stiller simply cannot wait. On Sunday evening, the actor took to Twitter to hilariously live tweet Zoolander and dish some of his quick-witted remarks.

Zoolander 2 hits theaters on Friday, Feb. 12.