Outstanding Drama Series Emmy Nominee Fashions Transport You from Drawing Room to Battlefield

Emmys Outstanding Drama Series
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They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us cringe in horror—this year's bunch of Emmy nominees in the Outstanding Drama Series category has us feeling a whole range of emotions. Aside from all the action, one thing we love about each of the nominated series is their unique take on style. The fashion from each of these shows couldn't be more different, and we can't wait to see who wins!

Here's why we love the fashion from all the Outstanding Drama Series nominees:

Downton Abbey may almost be as famous for its costumes as it is for its dramatic storyline. The period series features strikingly beautiful historically-inspired designs, from the dazzling Edwardian frocks—replete with corsets, beaded details, and elbow-length gloves—for the aristocratic Crawley family to the simpler dress and garb worn by the lady's maids and footmen.

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Talk about drug dealer chic at its finest! There are plenty of shows that feature beautiful people sporting high-end fashion, but AMC's series Breaking Bad is not one of them. However, that doesn't mean the clothes haven't made a lasting statement—we will never forget Walter White's tighty-whities or the black pork-pie hat that made him Heisenberg.

Emmys Outstanding Drama Series
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Heads may regularly roll on Game of Thrones, but the inhabitants of Westeros style is still on point. From the show's incredible braids and fantastical ethereal gowns to the fur and leather battle gear, we can't get enough of the incredible designs that transport us another world—literally!

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Emmys Outstanding Drama Series
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Mad Men is lauded for its utterly incredibly fashion, and we can see why. Aside from the fact that costume designer Janie Bryant has been nominated for multiple Emmys for her work on the show, Mad Men tastefully captures the essence of decades past from Madison Avenue power suits to chic housewife style and trendy mod designs. Taking us from the swinging ’60s into the glamorous ’70s, the series's memorable looks perfectly epitomize the period while leaving us yearning to wear them now.

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Though at times it may have seemed that clues were hidden in the ensembles of the characters on True Detective, that is far from the truth. The simple style masterfully mimics the shifting time periods on the Louisiana-set crime series.

On House of Cards there's no question that the clothes match the characters—from the impeccable shift dresses worn by Robin Wright's character, Claire Underwood, to the dapper tailoring on her husband ruthless husband Frank, played by Kevin Spacey, ever fashion detail on the show is flawless. The largely monochrome palette even underscores the sneaky Washington, D.C., political dealings that go down in each episode.

To see which show takes home the Outstanding Drama Series award, be sure to tune in for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards when they air on NBC Aug. 25, at 8 p.m. ET, and head to InStyle.com for live coverage during the show.

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