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When stills from Outlander's third season dropped last week they immediately set the Internet ablaze. Understandable, as we've been awaiting word of new episodes since last July when Season 2 ended. Well, the time has finally come for new footage: The first teaser from Season 3 has arrived!

The clip aired Sunday night on Starz during the premiere of The White Princess and it's even better than we imagined. Filming and production of the show moved to Cape Town, South Africa, with the new season picking up with pregnant Claire's travel back to her life in 1948. As you might imagine, her marriage to husband Frank is in complete disarray due to her unexpected and abrupt resurfacing. Jamie, on the other hand, is still in the 18th century, downtrodden and struggling with losing Claire and the outcome of the significant Culloden battle. "Lord, you gave me a rare woman," he states in the trailer. "God, I loved her well. I'll find you. I promise." Evidently, he's as swoon-worthy as he's been in the past two seasons.

Time goes on and naturally, Claire and Jamie think of one another constantly. Is there a chance that they'll be reunited across different centuries somehow? We certainly hope so! But as always with Outlander, nothing is ever easily done. And if they were to be together again, who's to say they'd be the same people? There is a lot of adventure in store and we're so excited to see how it all comes together.

Season 3 is set to premiere at some point during September. It will include 13 episodes, based on Diana Gabaldon's Voyager book in her Outlander series.

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