Outfit Envy: Disney's Newest Heroine is Decked in Christian Siriano!

Christian Siriano
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As if there aren't enough reasons to love Disney movies, we just got one more: the latest protagonist, Zarina in the upcoming The Pirate Fairy (voiced by Christina Hendricks), has quite the wardrobe. The magical heroine's outfit was designed by Christian Siriano! Set for DVD release on April 1st, The Pirate Fairy is a prequel to to the Peter Pan classic. Zarina is a fairy who shakes things up in the land of Pixie Hollow when she falls in step with pirates helmed by the young, charismatic, and not-yet-villanous Captain James Hook.

So how exactly do you design an outfit for a tiny animated heroine? Drawing inspiration from Disney movies (his favorites include Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, and newer classics like Mulan and Pocahontas), Siriano told InStyle.com, "Peter Pan was probably the most inspirational," particularly in helping imagine how these characters might have put their outfits together. Every detail of Zirana's outfit was carefully chosen, right down to the human-size ring that a pixie might find on a pirate's ship and use as a belt around her waist.

Siriano went through 30 to 40 sketches for Zarina's outfit, experimenting with various shapes and proportions. Given that Disney wanted the character to be "a little more fashion forward, edgier, and cooler" than princesses past (she is a pirate, after all!), the designer knew he was going for something "a little more powerful."

And when Siriano found out that Zarina would be voiced by Hendricks? "It was such a great thing," he says. "Christina and I have a great friendship and I love working with her."

"The clothes on Zarina really came to life when we knew who would be portraying her," says Siriano, and added that the designs didn't alter too much but he "definitely still wanted it to be more Christina, have a little more shape to the body."

We can't resist wondering what's in store for Siriano's real-life muses during awards season. Already, he's been getting requests for a little bit of everything, he says. Still, Siriano said he hopes to spot interesting things that haven't necessarily been seen before. "I like when artists take risks, for sure," he says.

So do we! We can't wait to see Zarina in full action in her amazing new couture. (Watch the trailer for a first glimpse here!)

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