Our Newest Obsession: The Self-Cleaning Beach Bag

Shake beach tote and clutch
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Your old-school beach bag is getting an upgrade! The “Shake” is no ordinary shoreside tote -- it has a concealed netted mesh bottom, which acts as a sieve to sift sand from your belongings after a day in the sun. Genius! Celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn and friend Charlie Dougiello were struck with the idea after facing the age-old problem with each beach excursion. “Every bag we’d bring was always filled with sand,” Dougiello said. “We’d end up flipping it over and dumping sand on the kitchen floor -- why isn’t there a bag that has a release for sand to come out the bottom?" After a collaborative effort between the duo and Quirky, a company backed by a team of experts and designers who bring innovative ideas to life, the four-piece Shake collection came to be. It’s pretty rare when a canvas tote stops us in our tracks, but with its modern design, neon persimmon accents, this is a bag that we can definitely mesh with. Pick one up for yourself, priced from $30 to $90 at quirky.com.

Plus, see the essential items to pack in your beach bag.

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