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Supermodel and actress Brooke Shields has teamed up with MAC to create the latest installment for its Icon collection; previous collaborations featured style stars like Diana Ross, Catherine Deneuve, Raquel Welch, and many others. The limited-edition color collection of shades and finishes was chosen by Shields herself, inspired by her own favorite looks for day and night—easy, modern, and beautiful. The products are made all the more special with her signature embossed on light grey packaging with orange accents. Here is what the newly minted icon had to say about the process, her adorable daughters, and of course those famous brows.

How did the collaboration with MAC come about? What are your favorite products in your collection?I am really friendly with James Gager, the creative director of MAC, and when he approached me about working with him on my own Icon collection for MAC I was incredibly flattered and went right to my homework. I created my own inspiration book with tear sheets, smudges of different colors and palettes, little drawings, and images of women from the past. The whole process took about two years and I enjoyed every second of it. I love all the products, of course, but my absolutely favorite is the blush duo ($31;—it’s so versatile.

Your eyebrows are still so iconic. Do they require a lot of upkeep or do you have it down to a science?To be honest, I do as little to them as possible, I always have. I don’t get them professionally done, but if I'm in the makeup chair, I’ll have the artist pull a stray or two. The one time I did get them professionally done (many years ago) I just didn’t feel like myself, and I looked really surprised.

What will you teach your daughters about beauty?I always tell them to not look outside of themselves but to look inside. I teach them to celebrate how they are each different, unique and special. I constantly remind them that they are a beautiful both inside and out, but let them know they have to have to believe it. Maybe if I just reiterate it enough over the years it will become routine for them both.

Brooke Shields
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Do they try and get into your makeup already?Oh absolutely! They are obsessed with makeup and were so excited when they heard about my project with MAC. They’re constantly playing with makeup, but they’re too young to go out with anything more than a little lip gloss.

What's your most unconventional beauty advice?I was taught to take a really deep breath while putting in eye drops and it helps me from tearing, especially if I have makeup on. A little odd, but I use it today!

What do you never leave home without?My blush duo. It’s so versatile. I use a little on my cheeks, my lips and even my eyes. It instantly brightens up my face.

Which products do you still keep coming back to year after year?I’ve always loved MAC wipes ($20; and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($21;

Brooke Shields
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Brooke Shields's limited edition Beauty Icon Collection is available today at MAC locations and at, with items ranging in price from $17 to $85.