By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Aug 07, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
Ouai Scalp Scrub
Credit: Courtesy

CBD is officially the hottest beauty ingredient of the entire year: CBD-infused beauty products are popping up everywhere. It's in mascara, body lotion, and brow gel — hell, you can even slather it all over your face in the form a face mask. And now, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin wants you to put it on your head. That's right: The founder and genius behind the haircare brand, OUAI, is launching a CBD oil-infused scalp scrub. That's right: OUAI just took haircare to a higher level.

It's OUAI's first foray into CBD beauty, and it's a one-stop-shop for the skin on your head and your bod. It can be used for your scalp and the skin on your arms and legs, which makes the $38 price tag a little easier to justify. So what's the purpose of slapping CBD on the label? The ingredient addition is meant to calm inflammation and irritation — two pretty common issues for the skin hidden beneath your hair.

On top of calming and soothing the skin, the scrub helps to cleanse, gently exfoliate thanks to tiny sugar particles that soften and moisturize. CBD isn't the only buzzy ingredient included in the mixture, either. It's made with a probiotic blend to help your scalp fight off bad bacteria and keep the good stuff.

Using it is as simple as washing your hair. Before you shampoo, wet your hair and massage a dollop all over your scalp (or your arms and legs if you want to use it as a body scrub) and then rinse.

The scrub will make its debut on August 21, but only at A second version of the product — without CBD oil — will be available at and on the same date. To avoid a sold-out situation, you can add yourself to the wait list now.