By Jennifer Ferrise
Updated Feb 21, 2015 @ 3:00 pm
Credit: Lisa Martin

When Kerry Washington arrived at our March cover shoot with her shih tzu-Yorkie mix, Josie, it was easy to see that she has a major soft spot for the pup. Josie, who is named after Josephine Baker, came to set in a purple Halloween bandana (it was October at the time) and provided the crew with comic relief as she followed the Scandal actress all over N.Y.C.'s Milk Studios.

Credit: Lisa Martin

"Kerry and I are always laughing about Josie," says makeup artist Carola Gonzalez. "When Kerry gets her makeup done, Josie usually takes a nap in my cosmetics bag, but at the InStyle shoot she curled up in hairstylist Mark Townsend's Gucci suitcase. Kerry joked that she has expensive and selective taste now!"

And though the pup is used to being on set (Washington often brings her to Scandal tapings), that doesn't mean she likes to share her mom. Washington even laid her sweater on the floor to make sure that Josie had a cozy spot nearby when she was shooting the cover. “She just doesn’t get enough love, does she?” said Washington.