Oscars Beauty Prep: How Stars Are Primping for the Big Night

stars beauty oscars prep
Photo: Courtesy Photo

Before stepping out on the red carpet for Hollywood's biggest event of the year, celebrities sit for hours in the hair and makeup chair. But even before the big night, they're getting primped and preened with high-tech facials and old-fashioned root touch-ups. Tracey Cunningham's Beverly Hills salon Meche is a must-stop. She treats some of the most-wanted hair in Hollywood including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner. Meanwhile, former Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres regularly drops by her trusted skincare guru Mila Moursi's Beverly Hills Skin Care Institute for the Mila Moursi Global Anti-Age Treatment. Moursi says: "It's the ultimate skin rejuvenation to naturally contour and tighten the skin, stimulate new cell production, increase blood circulation, and create healthy glowing skin." These beauty all-stars are so indispensable they even make house calls! Such as, Anastasia has stopped by Julia Roberts's house for an eyebrow prep. That's dedication.

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