Oscars 2013: InStyle's Hal Rubenstein's A-List—His Top 5 Favorite Looks

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No Academy Awards night would be complete without hearing from InStyle’s Editor-at-Large Hal Rubenstein. As soon as the last stiletto walked down the red carpet, he called in his A-list— his top five looks for best dressed of the night. Scroll down to get his insights on Jennifer Lawrence (in Dior Haute Couture), Reese Witherspoon (in Louis Vuitton), Jessica Chastain (in Armani Privé), Jennifer Hudson (in Roberto Cavalli), and Charlize Theron (in Dior Haute Couture). After reviewing his list, make your own with our new A-list feature. Pick your top 5 and share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter to start your own style debate!

Jennifer Lawrence:“The architecture of the dress was glorious. The intricate puckering was exquisite. On someone else, I might say that this was a lot of dress, but she has great posture for a young person and wears it well. I love the simplicity of the look: simple hair, simple makeup, simple earrings.

Reese Witherspoon:"This has such a clean, simple elegance. This dress shows that you don’t need a lot of flash. It fit perfectly. No big jewelry. Nothing in the way."

Jessica Chastain:"She has the most beautiful, translucent skin. She picked a dress almost the same shade as her hair. By not breaking it up with a necklace, she let her glorious skin shine. And the fit on the bodice was perfect."

Jennifer Hudson:"The balance on this was perfect. There was great fluidity to this look. She has such pride in how she walks and how she feels. She’s happy with herself and that’s what you see the most."

Charlize Theron:"Raf Simons is maybe the most exciting designer working today. This look is unlike anything else on the red carpet. Charlize’s boyish haircut works with the dress. There’s a great balance between the short hair and bare neck. She moves like a dancer."

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