By Olivia Bahou
Updated Feb 09, 2016 @ 3:15 pm
Sylvester Stallone
Credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Sylvester Stallone was nominated for his first Oscar back in 1976 for his performance in Rocky, but his teenage daughters don’t see their famous dad as a renowned actor. In fact, they haven’t even seen his films!

“I used to do this for a living, but they won’t watch my videos,” he told reporters at the Oscar Nominee Luncheon on Monday.

But all of that changed when Stallone reprised his role as Rocky Balboa in the 2015 film, Creed. The film opened to rave reviews, earning Stallone a spot once again on the Oscar ballot. And finally his daughters have taken notice.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled that my daughters actually look at me now as an actor and not a bad golfer,” he said. Stallone expressed his gratitude to still have opportunities in Hollywood 40 years after he bust onto the scene, and he’s certainly been making the most of this awards season.

Yesterday, 9-year-old Room star Jacob Tremblay posted an adorable Instagram of himsefl with Stallone, faux-boxing. “Hangin’ with the champ!” he captioned the shot.

And Stallone himself has taken to social media to post throwback photos from the set of the original Rocky film. “I really like looking back at this moment in time,” he wrote.

We’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of this iconic star.