Oscar de la Renta's Fashion Advice You Need to Know!

Oscar de la Renta
Photo: Sipa Press

Oscar de la Renta has dressed many women, from First Ladies to pop superstars like Rihanna to leading actresses like Anne Hathaway. And after his over-five-decade career, what does he want to tell every woman? "Dressing well is telling yourself many, many times, 'No, I should not do it,'" the designer advised when he spoke at the French Institute Alliance Française in New York City this week. "When in doubt, don't. The one thing that won't lie to you is your mirror." Other than restraint, he also suggested knowing what you like. "What is important in dressing is understanding yourself," he said. "Don't follow any fads. If it's right for you, then wear it." As for elegance? "You have to be elegant naked to be elegant dressed," he said. "Feeling good about yourself is the most important thing." Very true! Bookmark this page so you can remind yourself of his style advice, over and over again!

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