Orphan Black Season 3 Is Heating Up! See What's in Store for Episode 8

Orphan Black - Helena 3
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Listen up, Clone Club! Here's InStyle's latest on what's been happening on Orphan Black: In last week’s episode, we were beyond relieved to see that Sarah and Helena made a successful escape from the military compound where they were being held captive. We also saw some good old-fashioned clone-swapping featuring Cosima and Alison (who couldn’t be more opposite) which made for a funny sequence of events. Tonight, we’re finally going to be introduced to a new clone who we’ve seen before but have yet to meet, and there’s another unfortunate setback for the clones. To get ready for this brand new plotline, we’ve rounded up some of the fashion details seen in the last two episodes. Click through the gallery to check it out, and tune in to BBC America tonight at 9/8 C to see how everything plays out—the ending will blow your mind!

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