Orlando Bloom
Credit: Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

Even 40-year-old world-renowned actors aren’t immune to being embarrassed by their moms. Orlando Bloom found that out this week when his mom, 75-year-old former journalist Sonia Copeland Bloom, sent out current copies of his résumé to every national newsroom in the whole of Great Britain, according to U.K.’s The Times.

Bloom's mom was reportedly fed up with inaccuracies in the media about her son’s “upbringing and career,” and took it upon herself to give correct information straight to the media.

The CV lists his degrees and education history as well as his full filmography and details the Pirates star’s “meteoric rise to fame.” The comprehensive document also includes a full page of reviews of his performances, which include quotes like “dashing and debonair,” and “this generation’s Errol Flynn.”

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As for his mother, she has “the pleasure in enclosing a copy of his CV which is both up to date and 100 percent accurate.”

Moms will be moms.