Leave it to certified heartthrob Orlando Bloom to somehow combine Magic Mike-esque stripper moves and IT geekiness into one very sexy package.

While making an appearance Thursday night on the Late Late Show, the British star was quick to show off his funny chops during a hilarious sketch with host James Corden, which took a comedic turn, as the duo was summoned to fix an IT emergency that called for some pretty sultry dance moves.

In the video, the salmon pink-clad late night emcee struggles to fix a computer's monitor by attempting to "turn it on"—much to the horror of the surrounding office employees.

With club music thumping in the background and employing antics like manually working a strobe light, suggestively moving an office phone over his body, and even licking the keyboard, Corden is finally forced to call in back-up, and the Lord of the Rings hottie is the perfect man for the job.

After the funnyman phones theactor, inquiring if he's "back from paddle boarding," a bespectacled Bloom makes his grand entrance in a fitted light blue button up and khakis, making our college fantasies become a reality. Then clapping their hands for the music to start and the lights to dim, the guys go to work, and the resulting act, which includes plenty of tie-swinging, shirt ripping, and an errant water bottle, is amazing.

Watch the pair give Channing Tatum a run for his money in the video above!