By Lara Walsh
Feb 24, 2017 @ 8:00 am

With his latest humanitarian trip as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Orlando Bloom has provided yet another reason to name him your ultimate celebrity crush.

The British actor traveled to the Diffa Region in southeast Niger to shine a spotlight on children and families in an area where Boko Haram violence has threatened countless people's access to education, a safe home, and healthcare.

Credit: Courtesy of UNICEF

The dad of one spoke to UNICEF about how being a father made it even harder to witness the atrocities in West Africa’s Lake Chad Basin area, now host to one of the fastest growing refugee and displacement movements in the continent, according to the U.N.

Bloom, who visited with displaced children during his trip, said, "As a father, it is hard for me to imagine how many of these children are caught up in this conflict. During my trip I have heard dreadful stories about children fleeing on foot, leaving everything behind, including the safety of their homes and classrooms."

Credit: Courtesy of UNICEF
Credit: Courtesy of UNICEF

"This visit has been extremely moving," he continued. "Every single child I met is affected by this conflict and in desperate need of basic services such as clean water, psychological care, and education to help them recover from the atrocities they have suffered and witnessed. They deserve a childhood."

Credit: orlandobloom/Instagram

The Pirates of the Caribbean star, who has been on numerous missions with the organization since 2007, took to social media to share videos and photos from his visit. "The real challenges these communities face are far graver ... witnessing yet again the amazing work UNICEF does in the field to save lives," he wrote in one caption.

Head to UNICEF's website for more images and details from Bloom's humanitarian mission.