Mighty coordinated with his owner in the front row.

By Isabel Jones
Updated Feb 24, 2020 @ 11:30 am

What’s the next trend in celebrity dressing, you ask? Coordinating with your S.O. is officially passé. Coordinating with your pet, however ...

Orlando Bloom sat front row at Boss’s Milan Fashion Week show with a very furry (and sleepy!) accessory: his red poodle, Mighty.

Mighty appeared to have inspired Bloom’s outfit. The beige pup paired perfectly with the actor’s double-breasted jacket, matching trousers, and crewneck sweater.

Credit: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Evidently, this is not the first time Bloom has dressed to complement his pup, nor should it be the last.

Being an A-list pooch, the poodle was unfazed by Boss’s star-studded front row. Mighty lounged in Bloom’s lap, sandwiched between Alex Pettyfer, Toni Garrn, Mark Langer, Amber Valletta, Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson, and Madelaine Petsch. In fact, he was a bit bored. No grass in sight? Mid-show tail-chasing discouraged? Do better, Boss.

Credit: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images
Credit: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

That’s not to say Mighty is done with fashion week. Personally, he’s partial to Off-Bite, Fetchi, Pradog ...