By Sharon Clott Kanter
Apr 09, 2013 @ 10:30 am
Courtesy Photo (4); WIreImage; Time Inc Photo Studio

Paramore’s music is all about staying true to who you are—and now the band’s frontwoman Hayley Williams is taking that same concept to makeup with a new collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, available exclusively online starting today. “We made a collection that represents who I am as a girl and as a woman,” the singer told over the phone as she geared up to release her new album, Paramore (out now) and go on tour (see dates and cities here). “When we started working on it, I was surprised and excited by the fact that we weren’t just doing pretty makeup that would sell. We did it to represent  who I am, and it’s just exactly me.” Her lineup includes four products with a ginger tint: Sounds Like Noise, a matte lipstick ($15), Riot Gear, a nail lacquer ($16); Daydreaming, an eye shadow ($15); and Lightscapade, a skin finisher ($29). Her inspiration—her now-signature neon hair. “I started dyeing my hair a bright orange at 18,” she said. “I didn’t have tattoos or piercings, but hair color was a fun way to express myself. I feel more like myself when it’s a bright color, like all is right in the world when I have orange hair.” And it’s a message she’s carrying through to the makeup collection: “Self expression is so important to being a teenager, and it’s healthy to have that, whether you’re writing songs or playing around with fashion or beauty,” she said. “That’s what this collection is about. You can wear it however you want. I’m excited to see the younger fans try it. I love to see this whole generation of girls who are trying to figure out who they are and their place. I love being a part of it.” Visit to shop it now.

Plus, see 10 photos of Hayley's on-fire hair color.

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